"She Hangs Brightly" Oil on prepared cotton paper, 8x10" 2012 
I'm excited to be part of this wonderful group show in LA curated by Jessicka Addams and Brian Wakil at Dark Dark Science, Los Angeles, opening Saturday August 4th, 2012.

Aaron Smith
Amanda Marie
Camille Rose Garcia
Christine Wu
Elizabeth McGrath & Morgan Slade
Fairuza Balk
Frances Bean Cobain
Gary Baseman
Jeremy Goff
Jessicka Addams
Joshua Petker
Kelly Osbourne
KRK Ryden
Kris Knight
Lindsey Way
Liz Huston
Manny Castro
Marion Peck
Mark Ryden
Matthew Bone
Melissa Haslam
Rodolfo Loazi
Tara McPherson
Tim Biskup

"LA MiXTAPE explores the relationships between fine artists and the music that inspires him or her to create work. "By exploring the visual through the musical, artists create new patterns and uncover new relationships within their work.."

Dark Dark Science MIXTAPE : Opening on August 4th and selectively until August 28th at LeBasse Projects Chinatown at 923 Chung King Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90012.  For previews, contact

MiXTAPE LA documents the effect of music on the process of creation, asking each participating artist to create a piece titled after a song, artist, or band that has inspired or influenced his/her creative process. Curators Jessicka Addams and Brian Wakil have arranged the selections into a single dialogue between 24 fine artists and their musical muses, and in turn a conversation has been created between the artists themselves about the relationship between their art and music.
Music is important to all of our lives, and certain songs, for reasons of nostalgia or sheer aesthetic, make us feel things we do not expect. One’s “favorite song” is often associated with comfort, but there are many other ways a track can resonate. Some songs are important because they make us feel strange and unsettled, because they crawl from the cracks in the walls and sink into our heads, dragging us in or throwing us around like dolls. When a song takes hold, it constructs an entire frame of mind, prodding and pulling at the creative brain sludge, taking us in directions we couldn’t have imagined.
Making a mix can be like writing an open letter to the world, and in the pursuit of such sincerity there must be constant erasing, rethinking, and restarting. The frustration of starting over is balanced by the satisfaction of progress, of finding the right transition or the perfect closing track. Often, the process of creating a painting or other art piece takes a similar pattern of discouragement and encouragement, and similarly, the end product is often the biggest reward of all. LA MiXTAPE is this end product, giving visual artists the chance to use music as direct inspiration, to document the relationship between two art forms, as they see it. This conversation, usually heard only by the artists themselves as they work, will be exhibited to all.
About Jessicka Addams:Jessicka Addams is a member and singer of such seminal indie rock bands as Jack Off Jill and scarling. She is also an artist and the resident curator and researcher at Dark Dark Science. Her research interests include an ongoing investigation into the relationships between art and music. Her goal is to continue creating her own art while gaining an understanding of the processes of others. Jessicka is particularly interested in the methods of individual visual artists, and in the nature of their relationships with music and film.
About Brian Wakil: Brian Wakil is a designer and collector of fine art and co curator at Dark Dark Science. His last name is a translation of the Arabic word for facilitator.

ABOUT DARK DARK SCIENCEDark Dark Science was founded in 2010 by Jessicka Addams and Brian Wakil as a floating gallery that utilizes existing and non-traditional spaces to showcase works by up-and-coming and established artists. For more information, please visit Dark Dark Science (

Sponsored by BUST MAGAZINE, PRESSURE, Gigantic Brewing Company & SUGARHORSE.