May 8, 2013
CART Apartment
One Night Only Exhibition
336 Canal Street, Apartment 2e 
Friday May 10, 2013

Jordan Broadworth – Robin Cameron – Barb Choit – Douglas Coupland – Sara Cwynar – Brendan Fernandes – Ryan Foerster – Lukas Geronimas – Rochelle Goldberg – Leah James – Kris Knight –  Shawn Kuruneru – Vanessa Maltese – Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins – Saira McLaren – Niall McClelland –  Kristine Moran – Stephanie Noritz – Geoffrey Pugen – Elise Rasmussen – Talia Shipman – Elaine Stocki – Emily Stoddart – Winnie Truong – Penelope Umbrico – Balint Zsako

CART is excited to present Apartment, a one night only exhibition on Friday May 10, from 7-10pm during Frieze New York. The show presents a wide range of works by 27 Canadian artists in an intimate and relaxed environment.
Held on Canal Street, the location brings to mind tenancy, temporality, and shared space on a historic street that connects Manhattan neighborhoods and generations of newcomers to the city. Although a major destination for counterfeit goods, Apartment introduces authentic and Canadian art to the area. Works range in medium: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, and video.
Apartment is the first in a series of upcoming CART events to be held worldwide. Our mission is to create unique art platforms while providing significant exposure to Canadian artists.
Founded in 2011, CART is a collective of Canadian artists and innovators living and working transnationally. Through programming, platforms, and resources, we create lasting partnerships with the global art community and increase visibility for Canadian artists, researchers, curators, and galleries.
Director: Emily Stoddart
Creative Director: Talia Shipman
Development Manager: Lara Torvi
Associate Curator: Rebecca Streiman
Submission Coordinator: Elise Rasmussen
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